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  2. dinsdag 30 juni 2020

Online Buy Social Event

The Municipality of Amsterdam and Social Enterprise NL invite international companies to connect with the Amsterdam Region while engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whether you are well-versed in CSR or just getting started, join us online upcoming Tuesday, June 30th from 09:30 to 11:00 for a Buy Social Pitch Event. This time local social entrepreneurs will pitch innovative Dutch products and services valuable for your organisation: from sustainable transit opportunities to inclusive offices. Register here!

Why purchasing with impact

Now more than ever it is of the essence to join forces to make a positive impact. COVID-19 has urged us all to think differently and shape a more sustainable and inclusive society. For more and more companies, making profit is not enough. The idea to create impact and to give something back to society is rapidly gaining ground. Moreover, this trend is supported by consumers who increasingly ask for transparency and responsibility in terms of planet and people. Employees too increasingly want to work for meaningful and responsible organisations.

Buying from social enterprises

One simple and direct way for your organisation to have a positive impact is to buy from local social enterprises. These ‘impact first’ companies focus on solving societal issues while running a healthy business.

Social enterprises

The impact that social enterprises have, is quite diverse and different for each company. The issues they tackle may vary from homelessness and unemployment to ethical trade and climate change.

Who attended before

Previous attendees were mostly CSR and procurement professionals of companies such as ABN AMRO, Accenture, PwC, Rijksmuseum, The Student Hotel, Royal Schiphol Group and Telegraaf Media Group. This blogpost with video of one of our earlier Buy Social Event gives you an idea of what to expect.

Register here!

For questions please contact Anouk Borsboom: anouk@social-enterprise.nl

Don't hesitate to share the invitation, you can find the PDF here.

Photo taken by Jurre Rompa at a previous Buy Social Event.